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7 Fat Loss Tips You Must Start


Most fat loss tips floating around the internet focus too much on weight loss tips. Losing fat is not about rapid fat loss or easy weight loss. It is a calculated, focused plan that is followed through. These fat loss tips can change your body if you apply them.

1. Use drop sets

All a drop set does is help you to get into a fat-loss environment quicker. Most people will tell you that this bodybuilding training movement should be avoided but they have no clue how helpful it is to someone losing fat. Not only does it help to make sure that you have used all of the stored glycogen in your muscle but it also helps to break down your muscles quicker which will cause your metabolism to be elevated in order to recover.

2. Eat more nuts

Nuts don’t just fill you up and provide healthy fat which is great for fat loss but they provide hormone-building nutrients that will keep your body in a fat-burning mode. Almonds, pinenuts, macadamia nuts, and walnuts are all great options. Most articles on fat loss tips tell you to stay away from fat but that’s a big mistake.

3. Use more omega-3 fish oil

This is the number one fat loss supplement that most people don’t know about it. Not only does fish oil lower the risk of cardiovascular disease but it also helps you to reduce your blood sugar which will help you burn fat.

4. Sleep

Almost everyone who wants to lose fat thinks about sleeping more but sleep is essential for us to burn fat. When we sleep we are in our most anabolic state, which means that we can build muscle and lose fat. The best thing to do before you go to bed is to drink a protein shake with some natural peanut butter so you’ll have a steady stream of amino acids.

5. Use zinc and magnesium

Zinc and magnesium are two very underused fat loss supplements because most people think they are simple minerals. Zinc and magnesium actually help your body to manage your glucose better which is the thing you’re after when you are trying to get leaner.

6. Work your upper back more

People think of the back as just another muscle to train but what often gets ignored is that the back is a complex area filled with multiple small muscles. So what happens when you use more than one muscle during an exercise? You burn fat at a higher rate. Not to mention that most people are stronger with back exercises so they can handle more weight which will help to burn more calories.

7. Choose your carbohydrates wisely

While most people think that carbohydrates are the enemy, many successful fat-loss diets depend on a certain amount of carbs consumed every day. Recent research has compared the quality of the carbs versus the quantity and found that just a simple change in the quality of carbs will increase fat loss. So if you need your carbs, just make the switch to carbs just as potatoes, rice, and whole grains.

These simple fat loss tips that you can use today to start losing fat.

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